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How to Pick Yourself Up: The Art of Building Resilience and Dealing with Diversity

My eBook is now available to order on Amazon Kindle. Click this link to purchase, and it will be delivered straight to your kindle once live. Don't forget to leave a review!

Book summary

Our experiences, good or bad, weave into life to form an intricate, purposely designed tapestry. But, without every piece, thread, loop, strand and colour, we cannot have that masterpiece, our self-actualised selves, whichever way you want to define it.

Our adversities, though painful, do not have to be in vain. On the contrary, we can use these trying situations to catapult us into a deeper understanding and appreciation of ourselves and what we can withstand. We get to discover and delve into an untapped realm of our Ubuntu. Because, let’s face it, some encounters force us to rise to the occasion, whether we want to or not. This process, I call simply growth. A more mature version of ourselves that does not wallow in self-pity. Instead, this mature version turns lemons into lemonade through resilience by ‘playing the card they're dealt’.

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