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Bertha Mukodzani - founder of RESITHRIVE

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I'm obsessed with mangoes and all things resilience, personal growth and showing you how to turn adversity into an opportunity!

Learn how to build resilience and use your life's struggles
to thrive. Because it is no longer about surviving; it's about
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Losing my husband at a young age was a defining moment for me, and it's not something I'd wish on anyone.

My experience, though personal and unique, is something that many African and Zimbabwean women have encountered. Men who have lost their wives have also dealt with similar circumstances, too. So, it is my hope that by sharing my story of loss and grief, I will be able to help someone find the strength to heal from their grief and move on in a positive and hopeful way.

A Life Steered - book excerpt

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Sandra is determined to please her father, who is ambitious and understands the value of education. Unfortunately, her father is dealing with problems that not even he can control. Consequently, Sandra’s hopes and dreams are shattered when he fails to honour his word to support her in getting into higher education. Sandra eventually accepts this reality but suspects a family member may have had something to do with it. And when her father suddenly resigns from his job, he makes it clear that Sandra must shoulder the family responsibilities. It's an onerous task, and Sandra has obstacles at every turn, but she takes it in her stride.

Later, Sandra falls in love, and for a while, life seems enjoyable. But like all other things in her life, the relationship doesn't last. She later meets and marries Maxwell, who is more mature than she is. It is not love at first sight for Sandra, but she soon discovers that Maxwell is 'Mr Right' after all. At last, Sandra's life seems fulfilled as her husband supports her in every way and encourages her to follow her dreams. But little does she realise that tragedy is waiting around the corner.


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Victoria Falls, Mosi-a-Tunya, Zimbabwe

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Every situation, when properly perceived, becomes an opportunity. No matter how bad the situation is, it is never too late to pick yourself up and reinvent yourself. Watch the video to learn how to start over at any age. Click here to read the blog


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My Book and Product Reviews

A few weeks ago, I saw my daughter play with a stress ball one of her friends gave her. I had never seen one before, so I got curious. What she told me fascinated me and I decided to buy a pack for myself from Amazon, but with a motivational twist. Watch the video below to hear my review of these Amazonmotivational stress balls. To buy some stress balls click here