Bertha Mukodzani

Born in Chinhoyi, Makonde District, Zimbabwe, I trained and qualified as a Primary School Teacher with a specialisation in Infant Education.  I currently work as a full-time Advanced Recovery Nurse at an NHS Foundation Trust in England.  My self-published book 'A Life Steered' is my first novel, followed by my eBook, How to Pick Yourself Up: The Art of Building Resilience; and I'm currently working on my second novel which I hope to publish soon. 

Published Author, Qualified Teacher, Nurse Practitioner,  Motivator and Learner

I believe our experiences and encounters weave into life to form an intricate, purposefully designed tapestry. Without each loop, thread, strand and colour, we cannot have the masterpiece, our self-actualised selves, whichever way you want to define it. Though painful sometimes, our experiences do not have to be in vain. We can use them to champion our growth, gain wisdom and a better understanding of ourselves, of others and the world at large

We can turn our lemons into lemonade. If we know-how.

Besides being a writer, I am also a full-time theatre nurse working in the recovery room. To see what I do all day, click the video below. Subscribe to my channel for more nursing content and more!

If you're wondering what nursing entails and if you should become a nurse, watch the video I made about nursing. In the video, I outline the benefits of being a nurse and give details of the job. I have more nursing videos on my channel, so check them out. For books on nursing, check these books on Amazon. I've found them useful during my training and in my career. Click here