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How To Brag With Humility

When it comes to bragging, i.e. congratulating oneself, there can be a thin line between singing one's praises and being downright conceited. There, I said it!

I am all for singing one’s praises. Having worked hard and persevered to accomplish a goal or a dream, it is only right that one should celebrate. Who wouldn’t want to?

After all, hiding away only deprives the world of your testimony. How will we ever learn of your accomplishments and drink from your well of inspiration if you do not shout from the rooftops? How will we ever see the light if it is hidden under a bushel? And who would we admire and emulate?

So, indeed, one should blow that trumpet, for not doing is a sin against humanity.

But I have learnt that bragging is a delicate art. More often than not, when we brag, we ‘piss’ people off and risk unleashing the green-eyed monster. And we all know how the beast operates - it despises your success and wills you to shrink and dim your light for its comfort.

Some have dubbed the monster, hater or naysayer. And whether we realise it or not, when we brag, it will gag.

Sometimes, in our attempt to inspire by exchanging details about our current pursuits and winnings, we inadvertently put a choke on it. As a result, our words and desire to inspire can be misconstrued as a superiority complex, alienating those around us.

So, how do you brag without - well, bragging?

|Here are a few suggestions for different situations:

Brag Within Context

If you’re going to blow your own trumpet, then do it within the context of your conversation or a speech. Know your audience and stick to the subject at hand. Make anecdotes and mention some things in passing if it drives a point home, but let it be the end of it. Only dwell on it if others want to explore that point.

Let Others Brag For You

Let others brag about you. And when they mention your brilliant accomplishments and congratulate you or express their approval, graciously acknowledge the generosity of their sentiments, accept their compliment and thank them.

Strike The Right Balance

Strike the right balance between the good and the bad, your challenges or failures and your wins. Unless you're superhuman, your accomplishments will come after failure, challenge, rejection, resistance, etc. Portraying yourself as having sailed through your undertakings only undermines your hard work and the effort and determination you put into accomplishing your goals. On the other hand, showing how you beat the odds and overcame a hurdle or two will encourage and inspire others too!

So, by all means, dear beloveds, go out there and brag. Not only is it your right to do so, but you also owe it to others to share your wisdom and show them how it is done.

But remember, humility goes a long way.

Whilst you're here, take a moment to check out the tips below if you fancy it :)


Get others to brag for you...I like this. Still requires self promotion but 1:1 which is a lot less intimidating

Bertha Mukodzani
Bertha Mukodzani
Mar 02, 2023
Replying to

Indeed, thank you 😊


Mar 01, 2023

These are good ideas and I don't it much but will keep this in mind to try it. Thank you for sharing these tips!

Bertha Mukodzani
Bertha Mukodzani
Mar 01, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for your comment

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