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How Failure Helps You to Grow and Succeed

Somewhere in the world, someone is experiencing failure.

Perhaps it has come in one of the two ways it is experienced - in the little things. For example, an unsuccessful attempt to ride a bike, a recipe gone wrong, or failing to impress a girl at a party through that break dance they practised all week. Though disappointing, this failure is unlikely to cause them to sink into a deep state of depression.

However, the same cannot be said for failing in a big way - when someone swings for the fence and is met by a catastrophe – the collapse of a marriage, messing up a career or mishandling funds resulting in the loss of all one’s assets. These things can easily coax a person into a season of pain and profound suffering.

If I had a generous donation every time I experienced failure, I would probably be a millionaire. But instead, I have felt the soul-crushing agony that comes with knowing I had something in my sight, yet I let it slip. Or that I did not have what it took.

And yet here I am telling you that sometimes that heart-rending experience of failing is what you need - the very thing standing between you and your success. Yet, paradoxical though it may sound, the reasons for embracing failure could be surprisingly delightful.


I’ve realised that during my season of falling, I was transformed in ways I never imagined. During this season, I taught myself how to grieve, pick myself up and dust myself off. Or someone guided me through the process of recovery.

As you ride this dragon, you learn to reflect. If you are willing to dig deep within yourself, that reflection can lead you towards brutal honesty, which renders you wiser, stronger, and more courageous.

If you fail as often as I have, the experience soon becomes old news. Something you know you can and will survive. Over time, you will realise that failure brings you one step closer to becoming what you’ve always wanted.

Preparation for success

Failure can be a blessing in disguise.

While instant success brings euphoria and relief, it does not always lay the foundation to sustain success. Of course, we all want the spotlight, but when it finally beams upon us, one only hopes to be able to handle the glaring lights without feeling overwhelmed.

So, how does failure help?

Well, it forces you to wait. As you wait for your blessings to manifest, you cultivate patience, resilience, perseverance and the mental strength needed for a business to sustain growth. Because with any elevation comes a new set of challenges and a need for a different skill set. This is necessary because there is no guarantee that lady luck will keep smiling. If life has taught me anything, it is that trials and tribulations are a part of life, which means one always need to operate with a certain degree of mental preparedness, which only failure grant.

An Inspirational Story

There is a reason why all great stories have tension and conflict—that time when our hearts pound, rooting for the main character to overcome their challenges. We want them to win because we recognise their good intentions and how hard they’ve fought to reach that stage in their story.

The same can be said when we fail and find ways to recover. Not only does the experience make us stronger, but it also gives us testimony. A story people will want to listen to because only you can tell it. You can become a source of strength and inspiration to others through your account. Given a choice between listening to someone who has read about courage and perseverance from a book or someone who has experienced it first-hand, I know whose Ted talk I would want to attend.

My last thoughts: Failure and success come as a package. So, if you’re in the season of waiting or feeling like there’s no hope, keep reminding yourself that your season of joy and fulfilment is on the way. You are just one failure away from success.

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