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My Long Lost Love - A Love Poem

My long-lost love is a poem about lost love which will warm your heart or make you cry

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To My Long-Lost Love - A Love Poem

I keep a treasure chest under my bed,

Occasionally crack its rusty lock

to reveal bundles of epistles from yesteryear;

before the winds of separation tore a rift so wide.

My mind feeds

and my heart bleeds

for nothing supersedes

memories of your deeds


The sound of your footsteps,

as you scampered along the corridors.

Warmth floods my skin

at the thought of your surreptitious hand,

as you slid a note into my pocket

I also remember

the sound of your unassuming voice,

as you mouthed your daily greeting

and the look in your eyes,

that glittery look that finally jolted my heart into submission.

Something about the words etched on the earthy pages,

reminds me of our first heady kiss beneath the tree,

on that sweltering summer’s day,

when due to sudden terror, I warned you about prying eyes

It’s not as if we had no business falling in love

The world could hang for all I cared

What we’d planted could never be uprooted,

Love that survived weeks of separation,

That time when you had to nurse your dying mother

not to mention the green-eyed monster

who fed both you and me some unsavoury truths.

And yet, we plodded along,

dodging every peril like soldiers in the Gulf War.

We had glorious plans to sheath our minds

Plans for our future,

And it was not long before calamity struck.

You had to leave

Except, this time, your return would be uncertain.

I try my darndest not to blame you for disasters you cannot control

Still, my heart bleeds

and everything in me pleads

For a day to make me whole

a woman feeling sad
Love poem

Seasons have rolled into decades;

all I have to show are these yellowing sheets.

Tears have dried, and yet the heart still bleeds.

And as I dissect every word, phrase, and sentence wreathed with the promise -

I shall return; I will marry you someday.

I exhale a huge breath,

A breath of exasperation.

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