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5 Types of Friends You May Encounter

Below are the five types of friends you may encounter in your life. And I'm here to open your eyes to which kind of friend deserves you.

friends getting together
Good friends

Here Are The Types Of Friends You May Encounter

Good-Weather Friend

Often dubbed the fair-weather friend, this friend is lukewarm and selfish. They will tolerate you when the sea is calm and support you when life is easy. But overlook your needs, seek your company's pleasure at their convenience, and never hesitate to suck you dry.

Should you find yourself in the throes of trials and tribulations, this friend's phone becomes unreachable, and your messages are never returned. Instead, they are forever rebuffing your cries for help and apologising for their busy schedules.

a sad woman

This friend often leaves you feeling violated and used, wondering why you have stuck with them for so long, for you're never satisfied.

The Upper-hand Friend

This type of friend is sensitised to your strife. They will invite you for coffee at noon. And like a tick, suck every detail about your miserable little life.

Aww, poor you. You are so strong. I will lend you a tenner; pay me when you can. I don’t know if I could have survived your ordeal.

Their so-called consoling words are like daggers piercing your chest. Their snide remarks, swathed in tenderness, compassion and concern, make your blood boils as you watch the condescension in their carefully modelled faces.

I'm imagining things. You convince yourself.

Then when your day of victory comes, this friend is nowhere to be seen or slow to congratulate you. Sometimes, they will downplay your achievements, ignore them or remind you of the part they played. Your victory, achievements, and success are a distraction to their habitual pitying words, which give them the upper hand and feed their superiority complex.

The Back-biting Friend

This friend is fake, of course. They stand by you in the crowd, even when no one is watching. Like the upper-hand friend, they like to inhale every detail about your life - good or bad. They will reassure you of their unwavering support and sing your praises to inflate your ego and give you a false sense of security.

Congrats, I'm happy for you. You did the right thing. I understand what you're going through. Please, pick up the phone and dial my number - anytime.

two friends
Back-biting friend

Their words are the balming to your soul. But when your back is turned, this friend jeers and spreads the news of your demise like the gospel and participates in your slander, twisting your words and whispering your shortcomings to anyone who will listen.

This is the friend who is likely to 'steal' your husband or boyfriend.

And when you become privy to this friend's deeds, their real character surfaces. Well, it is true. So what? They will tell you.

Sometimes this friend will swear, on their mother's grave, they are the victim of jealousy and envy. But what do you know? You give them the benefit of doubt, and the cycle repeats itself.

The Do-nothing Friend

Like the good-weather friend, this friend is lukewarm, if not cold. They do not bet an eyelid and rarely have an opinion about anything you present to them. Instead, they will sit back and watch you heading towards disaster. Even if they foresee danger and your demise, their inclination is often to withhold counsel. Some of these friends genuinely do not want to ruffle anyone’s feathers, but some simply do not know what they stand for. But among these are those secretly itching for your downfall. Beware.

If I have dampened your spirits, do not despair. Because there is also:

The Good Friend

I call this friend the God-given friend. The friend who sees the tears behind your smile. That loving friend gifted with a heart of gold and the spirit of discernment to know what your I am doing just fine really means. Your ride-or-die friend who will chide you behind closed doors but defend your honour when you are not around.

friends hugging
Good friends

This friend is the one you turn to empty your heart and soul when you need an honest opinion and good counsel. This friend brings out the best in you, cries with you, celebrates with you and stands firmly by your side even when the universe condemns them. They are the kind of friend who is not too proud to say I am sorry; I need your help; I love you.

This kind of friend does exist. And when you find them, treasure them, for they are rare.

A question for you: What type of friend do you have?

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