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3 Powerful Ways to Build And Strengthen Your Resilience

All you need to know about the process to build and strengthen your resilience

woman working on her resilience

No one is immune to the harsh realities of life. Someone somewhere is either fighting the biggest fight of their life or watching someone who is. And that is why building resilience is a topic that will always stay in fashion. Because without building our resilience muscle and strengthening it, what will become of us?

While the challenges we face differ from person to person, three things must remain constant to build and strengthen resilience and make it through this life.

1. Build And Strengthen Your Resilience Through


This appeals to how we look at our problems, challenges and failures. Do we examine things objectively, examining the facts, or do we allow fear to govern us? Do we view adversity as an opportunity to learn and for growth, or do they feel defeated by them or see themselves as a victim?

One's mental approach to adversity is the real game-changer. It determines whether you sink or swim. So, while we should take time to mourn and feel what we feel without shame or guilt, I believe that at the back of our minds, we should always believe and trust that whatever challenges we face will come to pass.

2. Response

When dealing with adversity, our reaction or response can shift things in our favour or worsen our situation. While we cannot choose what happens to us, we can choose how we react. To build lasting resilience, we must respond in a way that does not destroy us.

Instead of burying our heads in the sand, pretending something is not happening, embrace your emotions and give yourself time to be sad. Rather than feel pride and suffer in silence, recognise your limitations, reach out to your support network, and ask for help. Whether you solve a problem by yourself or ask for help is all part of developing problem-solving skills.

And when we feel discouraged, we should lean on our source of strength. Our source of strength can be our social circle, motivation, faith, spirituality, or something outside of ourselves that gives us the strength and courage we desperately need during trying times.

3. How You Move Forward

How we move forward with life after experiencing adversity and overcoming our challenges determines our continuing success in strengthening our resilience over time. As a journey and a muscle, resilience must be maintained and exercised. Doing this will determine whether the resilience we built after each period of adversity sticks with us for a long time.

Because resilience always feels strong soon after overcoming an obstacle, where we feel satisfied that we are still standing and going strong. But without utilising that resilience, moving forward by exercising it in various ways, including using what we learn about ourselves to improve ourselves and become an inspiration to others, which is saying we will not falter and crumble the next time we face a different challenge.

So, think of the obstacle or challenge that you're currently facing. How are you handling it?

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