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Why Humble Beginnings Can Be the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You

In this blog, I'm sharing reasons why starting small, adversity and humble beginnings can be the best thing that ever happened to you. While it may not feel like it at the time, starting with nothing or little can set you up for greatness, not limited to having millions in the bank. (watch the video instead HERE)

a successful black woman from humble beginnings
humble beginnings

When I moved to the United Kingdom decades ago, I envisioned building a great life for myself. Another thing I also envisioned was getting a well-paying job. Alas, months into my new adventure, I realised things were challenging. 

Contrary to what I imagined, I found myself working menial jobs that not many people want. The jobs I did back then did not inspire me - or so I thought.

Not only had I never gone through such an experience, I found them hard and tiring, for they demanded too much physical energy and exertion from me. You see, circumstances drove me to work in those jobs. Examples of the work I did when I relocated were cleaning toilets, washing dishes and making dumplings. At the time, I felt discouraged and somewhat let down by the system. 

I have since moved on by going to University and obtaining my Nursing Degree, of which I am greatly proud. Looking back now, I am grateful for the time I spent moving from one menial job to the next.

There's a saying I've come to appreciate: 'Do not despise your days of humble beginnings.' It's a sentiment I understand all too well. In this blog, I'm sharing the reasons and real-life examples of how humble beginnings can pave the way for greatness and success in the future.

Below Are The Reasons Why Humble Beginnings Can Be the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You

Strong Work Ethic 

Those who start from humble beginnings, often meaning they come from low-income families or have limited educational opportunities, often have to work harder than others to succeed. They are willing to put in the work and stick at it because they realise where they come from. 

Sometimes, they work two jobs to keep bills paid. They do what it takes and do not shy away from hard work, perhaps because of their circumstances at first. However, this instils a strong work ethic over time, becoming a valuable asset later in life.


Coming from a humble background makes you more likely to encounter adversity. As you navigate life, trying to keep things afloat fosters resilience, which is needed to survive. 

This life season fosters resilience, a key ingredient for success. Individuals from humble beginnings are adept at handling setbacks and emerge stronger when encountering stumbling blocks. This resilience, honed through life's challenges, becomes their secret weapon and a powerful tool in their journey towards success.


When you don't have a lot, you learn to make the most of what you have. People who start from humble beginnings develop a sense of resourcefulness that helps them thrive despite limited resources.

Hunger for Success

Those who grow up with less often have a strong desire to achieve more. This hunger for success drives them to work harder and strive for more than they would have otherwise. Given the opportunity to prove themselves, people who come from humble beginnings grab the chance and do not let it go to waste. 

They are likely to outperform others because their souls hunger for success and are willing to do what it takes. Furthermore, their humility and strength of character are likely to come through during interviews and other areas of life.


Having weathered tough times, individuals who start from humble beginnings often possess a profound empathy for others. This empathy, a product of their personal experiences, can be a significant asset in both business and life. 

People from humble beginnings make better leaders or CEOs because they know and understand what it's like to go without. They are better placed to understand, for example, the workers under them and their needs or what they encounter in their lives. Therefore, they are more likely to listen and to encourage. Understanding and connecting with others are cornerstones of success, and these individuals have it in abundance.

So, if you're in that season of starting small and things are not going according to plan, remember that your experience does not have to go to waste. There are always opportunities for growth and lessons to learn in each season. The growth we gain and the lessons learnt will become our biggest assets.

For more personal experiences, watch the video below:


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