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Best Things To Do In The Bahamas, Nassau

In this travel experience blog, I write about some of the things to do in the Bahamas, and I base this on my personal experience.

a woman walking on the beach
The Beach

When I travelled to the Bahamas towards the end of last year, 2021, I had a different kind of anxiety and uncertainty compared to what we are witnessing now in the UK. There were no flight cancellations then, but for me, it was travelling for the first time after lockdown. I guess the pandemic had taken away some of my confidence. But I needed to go somewhere nice to unwind, reflect and recharge.

And indeed, the trip turned out to be one of a lifetime.

woman having fun in the Bahamas
At the downtown market - Bahamas

Researching The Bahamas

Before I give you things to do in the Bahamas, Nassau, first things first.

Before picking a holiday destination, I like to do a little research. However, I avoid overloading myself with too much information about a place to avoid spoiling my adventure by arriving there with preconceived notions. Nevertheless, some details are crucial, such as safety, the weather, an overview of the people’s culture, and what to take, i.e., clothes, money and so on.

I’ve always wanted to visit the Caribbean, and I was not disappointed by what I learned about the Bahamas.

Booking in advance

at the sandyport resort beach
Sandyport resort beach

When I am travelling, I like to book my flight in advance. That way, I am more likely to land a good deal and can relax and not get into that last-minute panic. Not only do I book my flight early whenever possible, but I also make hotel reservations early, with the option to cancel or make amendments if needed. I find that doing this reduces stress and pressure on my travel preparations.

So, my journey officially began once I’d had those things sorted. Another reason I wanted the trip to go without a glitch was that it fell during my birthday week. And what a birthday to remember it turned out to be.

Opening a travel account

Because of the pandemic, The Bahamas travel guide required me to open an account for a health visa. Through this account, I could enter my details and travel arrangements and upload my vaccination records, insurance documents and covid tests for review before travel and for tracing. Doing this made things much easier, as I could easily track what I needed to do next and when.

woman smiling on holiday in the Bahamas
At Resort


The Bahamas is a natural paradise. There are many places to stay depending on what you can afford or your preference. I stayed at Sandyport Beach Resort Marina Village.

What I loved about this resort is that it had everything one needs to have a great time - a beach, pool, a sports centre, a restaurant that served gorgeous food, banks, shops and more. In addition, the service was excellent, which always helps.

Choosing The Things To Do In The Bahamas, Nassau

The locals

The people of the Bahamas are warm and welcoming. It was as if they all took a special class for hospitality—something I found to be quite refreshing.

What made my experience with the Bahamas locals even more special was that their faces lit up when I told them I was from Zimbabwe, Africa. They told me it was rare to see someone from that part of the world. To them, I was their sister, daughter, and aunt from the Motherland. The continent where their ancestors came from, and they felt proud to be associated with my heritage as much as I felt proud to be associated with them.

Everyone I met treated me respectfully, was patient when I asked for directions and information about the island, and was keen to show me around. I also got to enjoy my very own private bus ride for free (video on my YouTube). Indeed, I felt like the African Queen who, according to those I met, deserves the royal treatment!

woman waiting for coconut in the Bahamas
Coconut cutting

I am fascinated with history and like to immerse myself in the people’s culture whenever I visit a place. I want to learn as much as I can about their way of life. So I take the time to learn the place's history because I know that it is through history that we get to understand the world a little bit better.

queen's staircase in the Bahamas
Queen's staircase - Bahamas

So, in Nassau, I went on historical tours, where I learned the history of the Bahamas, tasted the local food, learned its origins and did the traditional Junkanoo dance, among other things. I also got to witness and understand the dreams and aspirations of the people of the Bahamas as narrated by our friendly and eloquent tour guide.


a woman doing the Junkanoo dance
Junkanoo dance

the slavery museum in the Bahamas
Pompey Museum

The Pompey Museum of slavery and emancipation is where enslaved people were auctioned.

a woman enjoying sight seeing inside the parliament of Bahamas
Inside the Bahamas parliament

I got to sneak into the Parliament of Bahamas!

food inside a restaurant in the Bahamas
A Drink and Fishfry

Dining in style

My trip to the Bahamas was a dream. An experience of a lifetime. It gave me memories I will treasure for the rest of my life. The trip gave me memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. Given a chance, I would visit again and again and again. So, If you're wondering where to go for your next adventure, I recommend the Bahamas. You will not regret it!

For more, watch my Bahamas vlogs on my YouTube channel. Please, leave your comment below.

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