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How to Balance Quality Time and Responsibilities as a Single Parent: Bonding with Your Kids

In this blog, I'm sharing tips on balancing quality time and responsibilities as a single parent and bonding with your kids. The tips I'm sharing in this blog are the things I've picked up along my journey as a single mom.

a single mom bonding with her child
Mother and child bonding

We now live fast-paced, busy lives, and juggling work and a busy schedule with parenting can be a real challenge. It takes a great deal of effort and time management to balance everything and ensure that all aspects of your life are getting the attention they need. As a single parent, it's incredibly important to recognise what's important and prioritise by setting boundaries to make sure you're not sacrificing too much of one area for another. One area that a single mom or dad cannot afford to sacrifice is the time spent with their kids. The time you spend with your children, what you do and what they get out of that will greatly influence their character, personality and overall health.

In some communities, how a child turns out is a direct reflection of their parents and how the child was raised. This also reminds me that in some communities, there is some stigma surrounding children raised by single parents. A finger is often pointed at the single parent, especially the mother, if and when their child misbehaves. It is not always the parent's fault if a child misbehaves, nor is it fair, but such is the harsh reality of life. Being judged harshly is one of the challenges single parents face.

Therefore, the glaring struggle single parents (especially single moms) must overcome is creating a strong bond with their children. Bonding with your children takes work, effort, and planning for parents who have to juggle work and running other errands to ensure the smooth running of the household. For single parents, acing the art of bonding with their kids can feel overwhelming as there are unique challenges encountered in bonding with your children, such as their potential resentment towards the absent parent, among other things. This can be overwhelming.

But I always like to remind myself that what matters is that I'm doing my best and that every effort I put towards my children makes a difference in their lives. Furthermore, I have also discovered that, with a little effort and creativity, some of these challenges can turn into opportunities for joy, a deeper appreciation and strengthening of the relationship with their kids.

Below Are Some Suggestions for Bonding With Your Kids as a Single Parent Through Creating Quality Time


If you have a busy schedule, the first step would be to plan ahead and set aside specific times for one-on-one time with your child. If you have more than one child, it's worth allocating specific times to spend with each child. How you spend this time with your child is up to you. For example, plan weekly date nights, monthly outings, or a few minutes daily to check in and give them that quality time. If time management is an issue, consider reaching out to friends or family members and asking for help from them. 

When planning your time together, consider and incorporate your child's interests creatively. Come up with activities that both of you can enjoy, whether baking cookies, hiking, or playing a board game.

Be Present

When you're spending time with your child, it's important to give them your full attention. Put your phone away, turn off the TV, and actively listen to what they say. Show interest in their lives, ask questions about school, their friends, and what's bothering them, and tell them you care.

To make the most of your time together, try to be fully present in the moment. This means not worrying about work or other distractions. Be fully present, focusing on your child and the activity you're doing together, and enjoy the time you have with them. Sometimes, it means removing other distractions, such as mobile phones.

Physical Touch

Physical touch can also be a powerful way to bond with your child. Giving your children hugs, high-fives, and other forms of physical affection is an effective and powerful way to demonstrate your love and care for them. 

Remember, quality time doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. The most important thing is to be present, engaged, and attentive to your child's needs. Spending quality time with your kids strengthens your relationships with them and creates lasting memories together. And if you're feeling guilty about not spending enough time, remember that even small moments of connection can make a big difference.

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