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Top Places To Visit In Zimbabwe: My Day At Sam Levy's Village

In this blog post, as part of my Zimbabwe series, I am excited to share my wonderful experience at Sam Levy's Village - one of the top places to visit in Zimbabwe. Also, in my blogs, you will get to see some of my unseen footage reserved only for you, my readers :)

places to visit in Harare
Sam Levy's Village, Harare

While most people often think of popular Zimbabwean destinations such as Victoria Falls, Great Zimbabwe Ruins, Matopos, Kariba Dam, Hwange National Park, Chinhoyi Caves and all those world-renowned monuments when planning a visit to the country, did you know that there are many numerous exciting things that Harare, the country's capital city, has to offer?

woman at Sam Levy's in Harare
Village Walk - Sam Levy's

Harare is home to various attractions such as the National Gallery, Mukuvisi Woodlands, the Shona Sculpture Park, The National Heroes Acre, The Twala Animal Sanctuary, and the illustrious Sam Levy's Village.

black woman walking
Sam Levy's Village

Situated in one of the most charming, leafy suburbs, Borrowdale, Sam Levy's Village is a remarkable shopping centre renowned as one of Zimbabwe's Premium Destinations and an ideal spot to unwind. Sam Levy's Village is a one-stop destination for all your needs, with banks, supermarkets, fine restaurants, cafes, a gallery, gift shops, gyms, a cinema, and a vibrant marketplace.

Furthermore, the vibrant market at Sam Levy's Village is a must-visit if you're looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones. Contrary to what some view as a place only the affluent can afford to go to, the shopping mall offers a diverse selection of items at various price ranges to suit your needs and budget.

shopping at Sam Levy's Harare
Sam Levy's market in Harare

the market in Harare Sam Levy's village
Shopping at Sam Levy's Village

The items you can find range from perfumes, designer clothes, necklaces, kitchenware, and local artefacts to rare historical souvenirs, all in one place. The vendors at the malls are super friendly, humble and patient and will assist you in picking the best gift for your loved ones back home.

There is also a large parking space in the village with guards patrolling the area, keeping a keen eye on your car and goods.

I tend to gravitate towards historical and cultural things whenever I go to a place. And I found some interesting historical books, artefacts, and objects at Sam Levy's. Despite how one may view our history, history is a part of us and shapes our future.

old coins at Sam Levy's
Some old coins and I was excited to see the 50 cents

History Books At Sam Levy's Village
I found some interesting old history books of Zimbabwe.

Sam Levy's is conveniently placed right along the road that takes you into the city centre. Also, just across the road are more cafes, restaurants, ice cream parlours, and much more. I had the opportunity to visit one of the parlours and was served the most delicious ice cream I've ever tasted in a long time. Seriously, the taste sparked some childhood memories. Back to the days when I used to run after the ice cream man when I heard his enchanting bell. Those were the days!

So, if you ever find yourself in Zimbabwe, I highly recommend visiting Sam Levy's Village in Harare for a unique experience to always remember!

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